Issue Three Has Launched

Thank you all for coming out to the launch party for Issue Three. We couldn't be happier with the reception, and the warm crowds that showed up to celebrate with games, drinks, card readings, and live music. 

See below to view a few photos from our launch, and visit our Facebook page to see them all. All photos by Nicole Chan.

Concrete Has Launched

On May 31, 2018, TSLR launched Concrete, our special edition of essays and photography about Chinese cities. What a great night, with a great turnout, featuring great live stories curated by Unravel.

Please enjoy a recap video produced by Nicole Chan, wechat id: nicolattes

Concrete is now available in the TSLR Store.

The TSLR Book Club

We at The Shanghai Literary Review love curling up with a book. So it shouldn’t be surprising that we created a book club. TSLR is bringing together Shanghai’s bookworms and casual readers for a journey through Chinese Literature. We have for the past few months gathered to discuss different works, both fiction and nonfiction, that help shed a light on Chinese Culture and literary canon.

“It’s been nice to meet people in the shanghai community who are interested in the history in China and who are literary minded,” Megan Cattel, TSRL’s Book Club organizer says.  “We have members who are Chinese and have spent time in the West, and Westerners who have spent time in China. It’s nice to have a mix of insights and perspectives at the table.”

So far, we have read Good Girl from Chinatown, by Jenevieve Chang; Years of Red Dust, by Qiu Xiaolong; Street of Eternal Happiness, by Rob Schmitz; Night in Shanghai, by Nicole Mones; and China in Ten Words, by Yu Hua. Next, we’ll be reading the new translation of Little Reunions, by Eileen Chang.

Join us at the TSLR book club. You can get all the information about the next discussion by following our WeChat channel: TheShanghaiLiteraryReview, or joining our book club's Meetup page. Come get a coffee with us and talk about some awesome books.

Open Mic Night w TSLR

TSLR will be hosting an open mic this Saturday evening in Shanghai, starting 7:30pm, at My Place Ruin Bar, 1788 Xinzha Lu, 3F. (Enter the Singaporean restaurant, go straight through and up the stairs)

We'll kick off the evening with some fun and generative writing exercises, and then we'll jump into our readings.

  Design: Steph Bailey

Design: Steph Bailey

Bring your best poetry, translations, stories, and essays, and sign up to read to a supportive crowd of fellow writers and art lovers. Or just come to listen and relax with new friends. The bar serves drinks and food. We'll have TSLR Issues on sale if you'd like to browse or shop the journal.

Come at 7:30pm to sign up for a reading slot, or email to pre-reserve a slot. Please limit readings to 5 minutes, including introductory remarks. Original work only please.