Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear Friends,

As you read this, we imagine you’re in the warm company of your family, bellies full and fresh bills folded away in red envelopes, or maybe you’re feeling firecrackers rattle off in your ears as lion dance drum beats pound in your chest. No matter how you celebrate, or which zodiac sign you are, we want to wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

新    年    快    乐!
Xīn nián kuài lè!

We also want to thank you for joining us in our endeavor to bring nuanced and diverse art and literature together in The Shanghai Literary Review. We’re looking forward to your submissions, especially the day we get to publish them as our first issue. On that point, we want to remind you that the last day to submit to the first issue is March 4th.

Until then, we are getting the gears turning on literary readings and other events. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to our newsletter and WeChat channel (qr code below) for updates and news on events.

Juli, Mike, Ryan & Kenny