The TSLR Design

Our logo concept was conceived by Kenny Ong and beautifully designed by Marine Ng Cheong Sang with input from the TSLR editorial team.

Like the city of Shanghai, our magazine aims to be a mishmash of the local and the international, the old and the new. Our logo design is a nod to traditional Chinese seals, which were used as official signatures to mark and authorize documents. At the same time, we’ve maintained use of the traditional Chinese characters for their history, complexity, and beauty — three things we hope to capture in the art and literature that will be featured in our magazine.

Our original logo, website, and magazine are our team’s way to impress a small stamp, a poetic footprint, on this time and place.

The Shanghai Bund photo on our homepage was taken by photographer Lisa Browne, and our website was designed by Juli Min, with input from the TSLR editorial team.