Issue One Update

We have a shortlist. As in, we’ve narrowed down which submissions have tickled our spines and shivered our fancies. Now comes the harder part, of picking our favorite children, and telling the others that, yes, we still love you but for different reasons.

In all seriousness, everyone who sent us their heart and soul’s work, thank you. If we had the budget, we’d print a 900-page first issue and everyone would be in it. It would look great on your glass coffee table, people would acknowledge your coffee table’s place in the literati, and you could pulp large cockroaches with it. Maybe one day.

Anyhow, we’ll send out golden tickets by the end of the week. That’s not quite “early April” like we said in our last update. Apologies for that. We never meant to lie to you, and we know that no amount of, “all our grandmothers died,” will make things better. So, in the spirit of transparency, here’s how things are looking on our beeline to the presses, but with very generous deadlines. “Life deadlines,” as opposed to hard deadlines, because life gets in the way.

  • May 6th: Issue 1 lineup is confirmed & finalized, though we are likely to have it done sooner.
  • May 27th: Issue 1 is designed & print options decided.
  • Mid-June: Launch event.

That should give you an idea of what to expect. Please be on the lookout for any messages from us. Prompt replies will help us beat the life deadlines. Help us beat life.

Kenny, Nonfiction & Visual Editor