Editor in Chief
Juli Min

Managing Editor
Janet Gyenes

Juli Min


Alex Gobin
Jady Liu


Editorial Assistants
Yong-Yi Chiang
Russell Grant
Geoff Mino
Suyashi Smridhi


Contributing Editors
Ryan Thorpe


Book Review & Interview
Brian Haman


Peter Hagan
Lauren Hardie
Jon Wilcox


Sales & Marketing
Yanzi Hu
Mavis Lian
Jady Liu


Kenny Ong
Stephanie Bailey


Victoria Armayor
Kiril Bolotnikov
Tori Bovilano
Alex Panayotopoulos


Founding Editors 

The Shanghai Literary Review was founded in November 2016 by Juli Min, Mike Fu, Ryan Thorpe, and Kenny Ong. We wanted to fill what we saw as a lack of creative nexus for Shanghai's English-language literary community, and we wanted to create a platform for showcasing local, international, and undiscovered writers and artists of immense talent