Shanghai Saturday Night

During our previous Open Mic last Saturday night, May 6, we asked guests to contribute lines to a collaborative poem. The theme was "Shanghai, Saturday Night."

We picked and plucked and rearranged 1 or 2 lines each. Here we present our original collaborative monstrosity. :)

With lines contributed by: Joe Douglas, GAGA, Brad Good, Genevieve Flaven, Manman, Marella, Anna Molir, Garr Ottorsen, Jesse Rapoport, Daryl Star, Angus Stewart, Stone, 朽葱, & anonymous writers.

Thanks everyone for coming out and for participating in our third monthly open mic night. See photos of the evening on our Facebook page.


Shanghai, Saturday Night

As it begins

I listen to the radio a bit

interjected with verse and laughter


The city lights vanishing

from a distant lane house

I go nowhere I see nobody

a flaneur am I, wandering alone

I will rule, till I forget


A temple where I don’t want to be

A jungle of color and rhyme surrounds:

Donut, eggplant,

Street rats, expats

High heels, dogs, brick

Spicy food, heart attack


The city is a carnival,

a party, the masked passengers like

a separated piece of soul


I assume that I am step by step with

the lady of the night

A comedy that you know is going

to end, as it begins

Despair, you’re not to do anything permanent

Some years ago, the idea of being away

From the night with much more love

Despair in a mother-place remembered


“Point, and line, to plane,” Kandinsky whispered

notes of color in my ear

Familiar with that missing part of life,

Get me a whisky sour,

1 more, 4 more

Russians snorting cocaine

3 beautiful young Chinese

4am with strangers


Follow you out

Directly under that street

Tranquility of unknown

Excitement of known



Poisoned fog coughing sobs

When was the last time I saw the stars?