Open Parenthesis

By Alina Gregorian

When we go to the moon, we don’t just visit. We fly jets, study engineering, and admire the hue of the landscape. “Look at that political globe,” they say, pointing at the way you destroy the hemisphere. Look at the way the moon looks like a flower. With pixels dreaming of freedom. With stereo systems and pickets on the roof. “There is a lamp next to the lamp,” they say. “A reason for the team to wear fleece.” You find yourself back home, wondering what blue is. Questioning what blurred while you were gone.

Bye bye, Richard Forjoe

Bye bye, Richard Forjoe

Alina Gregorian is an Armenian-American poet, artist, and curator. She is the author of the chapbooks Flags for Adjectives (Diez) and Navigational Clouds (Monk Books). One of her recent projects includes making a GIF for each letter of the Armenian alphabet. She curates Triptych Readings, hosts a video poetry series on the Huffington Post, and once conducted a workshop for the Poetry Society of America at the New York Botanical Gardens. From 2011-2016, she taught writing at Rutgers University. Find her online here:

Richard Forjoe is a photography, design and art enthusiast and these creative outlets have always been a constant variable in his life.